This I Believe

Kenton, Stan

  • Stan Kenton is concerned with the development of humanity and he describes the need for growth and change for positive development to progress in all aspects of a person's life and also explains that everyone participates and contributes something to the development of humanity and his contributions and own developments are through music. This essay also contains an advertisement for a This I ... read more
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And now, This I Believe. Here is Edward R. Murrow.
This I Believe. Unlike most people in the world of entertainment, band leader Stan Kenton has refused to be governed in his profession by popular likes and dislikes. This course has meant much hard work and a long wait for recognition. Here is the creed which has inspired Stan Kenton's career.
I am, at present, 41 years of age. It is difficult to even imagine what changes will come about within me in the rest of my life that lies ahead. My values and the justification of my theories concerning the existence of mankind are the results
of my education and experiences as I have lived to this day. My only and real concern is the development of humanity in all phases. Humanity is a vast, all-encompassing term applying to all of the peoples of not only my own country but of the entire world.
Because the essence of the Laws of Nature is growth and development, change is a positive thing and always for a better state of being. It is necessary for all effort and endeavor in every phase of achievement to be thrown into one gigantic storehouse to be used as humanity's needs are made evident.
Man is most complex. There are three parts of him that must grow evenly and steadily.
Some things contribute to his spiritual development and others to his intellectual self, and necessary also are his needs for emotional growth. No one part of our culture can lead over the others for very long without having to be detained to wait for the development of the rest that must be a part of the overall growth for everyone.
My work pertains to the Arts. To be more specific, I'm a part of the modern world of music. I have found that as I became more appreciative of the Arts, I developed sensitivities that broadened my awareness of other's needs. Music is food for the emotions, and greater demands are being made of it constantly because we are reaching deeper into our inner selves.
As time moves on, the emotional hunger can only be satisfied by music that constantly says more. I want to be a part of this creative need in satisfying the desire for fresh music.
A most reassuring thought to me, personally, is that in creating and performing in my own field I am actually helping to condition people to accept growth in other phases of their development; and by the same function of others in this tremendously involved mechanism of humanity, I gain and grow to another level along with the rest of mankind. To attempt to list, in itemized form, all of the varied contributions made to all people by individual effort would be totally futile.
It is consolation enough to know that every moment is being used to help make the world better for those that are a part of it. Each man works and contributes in his own way, and all effort somehow is a part of the total gain for all.
All I have and enjoy today was given me by those that came before. My music would not be such without the music created in the past. My strong obligation is to those with whom I live and to those that come after me. I must help, through my music, to make life more rich in emotional awareness. In my field of endeavor I'm attempting to replace the conventional type of hackneyed material with a more contemporary form of music that will more nearly satisfy the needs of today.
In considering the vastness of mankind since the beginning of time, no one can possibly believe that his generation or his personal self is more important than any other period or person since the beginning of humanity's existence. No one person or group of people can live happily without the help of others. Regardless of the differences of individual purpose, we are dependent upon each other. What I've stated so far is the philosophy that propels me, and without these things I can see no reason for tomorrow. This I believe.
That was Stan Kenton, whose music, like his beliefs, is both imaginative and unique.
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