Bruxaria Without the Sabbath in Portugal.

Pearl Schwartz, Samuel R.

In contrast to what is found in the witchcraft trials of mainland Europe during the 15th-18th centuries, most witchcraft trials in Portugal lack evidence of the Sabbath (the incestuous, orgiastic, cannibalistic, nighttime meetings where witches professed their faith to the devil). This lack of the Sabbath is not a coincidence. To prove the point, this paper will examine the only three mainland Eu... read more

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Eimeric, Nicolau, 1320-1399. Directorium inquisitorum.
Institoris, Heinrich, 1430-1505. Malleus maleficarum.
Del Rio, Martin Antoine, 1551-1608. Disquisitionum magicarum libri sex.
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