Evaluating Reflectance Spectroscopy as a Method of Rapid Cryptotephra Identification: Tephrochronology Of the Lesser Antilles Arc.

Fisher, Elizabeth A.

The recent reactivation of Montserrat’s South Soufrière-Soufrière Hills volcanic complex presents significant risk to local populations, and hazard assessments vital to their safety depend on a thorough understanding of the eruptive history of the island (Le Friant et al., 2011). Development of a comprehensive volcanic record, dependent on identifying volcanically deposited tephra layers preserved... read more

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Undergraduate Honors Theses
Reflectance spectroscopy.
Volcanic ash, tuff, etc.--Antilles, Lesser.
Tephrochronology--Antilles, Lesser.
Volcanism--Antilles, Lesser.
Tufts University. Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences.
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