Hispanics and Taxes: A Study in Inequality


Report by the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement on Hispanics and federal taxes. Finds that the current tax system is not fair for Hispanics. Aims to show that the consumer excise tax and the payroll tax are "exceedingly unfair to Hispanics." Includes many tables comparing taxes paid by Hispanics and the lower income bracket versus those paid by caucasians and members of the upper class.... read more

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Otero, J. F.
Reagan, Ronald
Bush, George
Tienda, Marta
Reich, Robert
Carnoy, Martin
Daley, Hugh
Ojeda, Raul Hinojosa
Edsall, Thomas Byrne
Buchanan, Patrick
Duke, David
Phillips, Kevin
Kinsley, Michael
Bartley, Robert
Bradley, Robert
Moynihan, Daniel P.
Hatch, Orrin
Symms, Steve
Gergen, David
Bryan, William Jennings
Ehrenreich, Barbara
Carter, Jimmy
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
The Strategy Group
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Center for Economic Policy Analysis
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