95 I & R Proposal


Series of newspaper articles on proposed funding of football stadiums in Cincinnati and Columbus via taxes. Discusses move to require three-fifths legislative majority to raise taxes in Ohio, critiquing both State Treasurer Blackwell and Governor Voinovich. Explores potential means of funding for stadiums for Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals to keep them in Ohio. Includes possibility of rai... read more

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Community Health Program Records
Blackwell, J. Kenneth (OH State Treas.-R)
Fox, Michael A. (OH State Rep.-R)
Voinovich, George V. (OH Governor - R)
Withrow, Mary Ellen (Former OH State Treas.- D)
Troy, Daniel P. (OH State Rep.- D)
Boggs, Robert J. (OH State Senate Majority Leader - D)
Gingrich, Newt (U.S. House Speaker, R-GA)
Dole, Bob (U.S. Senate, R-KS)
Kemp, Jack
Charen, Mona
Aronoff, Stanley J. (OH Senate Pres. - R)
Mifsud, Paul C. (Chief of Staff, Governor's Office)
Brown, Mike (Owner, Cincinnati Bengals)
Modell, Art (Owner, Cleveland Browns)
Browning, R. Gregory (OH State Budget Director)
Sweeney, Patrick A. (OH State Rep.-D)
Weingart, Lee C. (Cuyahoga County Commissioner-R)
Rokakis, James (Cleveland City Councilman)
White, Michael R. (Mayor, Cleveland)
Coyne, Tom (Mayor, Brook Park)
Tober, Ronald (RTA Executive Director)
Hagan, Timothy F. (Cuyahoga County Commissioner-D)
Boyle, Mary O. (Cuyahoga County Commissioner-D)
Westbrook, Jay (President, Cleveland City Council)
Dawson, Michael
Glover, Sterling (Chairman, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority)
Modell, David
Hopcraft, David
Krenzler, Alvin
Komlosi, Paul (Exec VP, McDonald & Co. Securities, Inc.)
Oftermatt, Tim (A.G. Edwards)
Letsky, Steven C. (Dir. Of Accounting, County Auditor)
McCormack, Timothy (Cuyahoga County Auditor
Wall Street Journal
National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax
American Civil Liberties Union
Sports Facilities Task Force
Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals
Regional Transit Authority
Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority
National Football League
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