Worse than the Disease? An Analysis of the Clinton Approach to Health Care


House Republican report on the Clinton health care plan as exposed to date. Identifies and discusses main Republican concerns with health care plan. Fears managed competition, increased taxes, effects on the job market, health care rationing and price controls, and limits on new technology. Accuses Clinton plan of expanding government's power and exaggerating health care problems.

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Community Health Program Records
Armey, Dick
Rostenkowski, Dan
Clinton, Bill
Priest, George
Butler, Stewart
Yankelovich, Daniel
Ladd, Everett
McInturff, William D
Starr, Paul
McGovern, George
National Health Board
Department of Labor
National Center for Policy Analysis
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)
Congressional Budget Office
Office of Personnel Management
National Federation of Independent Business
Washington Legal Foundation
Joint Economic Committee
Public Opinion Strategies
Roper Center for Public Opinion ResearchHouse Republican Conference
Ways and Means Committee
Heritage Foundation
Mellman and Lazarus, Inc
Employee Benefits Research Group (EBRI)
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