Marginalia; Documents relating to Department of Transportation Appropriation Bill for 1990, including a permanent ban on airline smoking (Lautenberg amendment). Contains voting sheets for procedural votes of cloture and motion to uphold favorable ruling of chair on point-of-order onjections. Includes handwritten notes about procedures of voting, conference committee, ways of framing industry posit... read more

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Community Health Program Records
Lautenberg, Frank (U.S. Sen., D-NJ)
Adams (U.S. Sen., D)
Baucus, Max (U.S. Sen., D-GA)
Bentsen, Lloyd (U.S. Sen., D-NH)
Biden, Joe (U.S. Sen., D-DE)
Bingaman (U.S. Sen., D-NM)
Boren (U.S. Sen., D)
Bradley, Bill (U.S. Sen., D-NJ)
Bryan (U.S. Sen., D-NH)
Bumpers, Dale (U.S. Sen., D)
Burdick (U.S. Sen., D)
Conrad (U.S. Sen., D)
Cranston (U.S. Sen., D-RI)
Daschle, Tom (U.S. Sen., D-SD)
DeConcini (U.S. Sen., D)
Dixon (U.S. Sen., D)
Dodd, Christopher (U.S. Sen., D-CT)
Exon (U.S. Sen., D)
Glenn, John (U.S. Sen., D-OH)
Gore, Albert, Jr. (U.S. Sen., D-TN)
Graham, Bob (U.S. Sen., D-FL)
Harkin, Tom (U.S. Sen., D-IA)
Kennedy, Ted (U.S. Sen., D-MA)
Kerrey, Bob (U.S. Sen., D-NE)
Kerry, John (U.S. Sen., D-MA)
Kohl (U.S. Sen., D)
Levin, Bernard (U.S. Sen., D)
Lieberman, Joseph (U.S. Sen., D-CT)
Matsunaga (U.S. Sen., D)
Metzenbaum (U.S. Sen., D)
Mikulski, Barbara (U.S. Sen., D-MD)
Mitchell (U.S. Sen., D)
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick (U.S. Sen., D-NY)
Nunn (U.S. Sen., D)
Pell (U.S. Sen., D)
Pryor (U.S. Sen., D)
Reid, Harry (U.S. Sen., D-NV)
Riegle (U.S. Sen., D)
Robb, Chuck (U.S. Sen., D-VA)
Rockefeller, John Jay (U.S. Sen., D-WV)
Sarbanes, Paul (U.S. Sen. D-MD)
Shelbey (U.S. Sen., D)
Simon, Paul (U.S. Sen., D-IL)
Wirth (U.S. Sen., D)
Armstrong (U.S. Sen., R)
Boschwitz (U.S. Sen., R)
Chafee, Lincoln (U.S. Sen., R-RI)
Coats, Daniel (U.S. Sen., R)
Cochran (U.S. Sen., R)
Cohen (U.S. Sen., R)
D'Amato, Alfonse ( (U.S. Sen., R-NY)
Danforth (U.S. Sen., R)
Dole, Bob (U.S. Sen., R-KS)
Domenici, Pete (U.S. Sen., R-NM)
Durenberger (U.S. Sen., R)
Garn (U.S. Sen., R)
Gorton (U.S. Sen., R)
Hatch, Orrin (U.S. Sen., R-UT)
Hatfield (U.S. Sen., R)
Heinz, John (U.S. Sen., R-PA)
Humphrey (U.S. Sen., R)
Jeffords, James (U.S. Sen., R-VT)
Kassebaum, Nancy (U.S. Sen., R)
Lugar (U.S. Sen., R-IN)
Hack (U.S. Sen., R)
McCain, John (U.S. Sen., R-AZ)
Murkowski (U.S. Sen., R)
Nicles (U.S. Sen., R)
Packwood, Bob (U.S. Sen., R-OR)
Pressler (U.S. Sen., R)
Roth (U.S. Sen., R)
Rudman (U.S. Sen., R)
Simpson (U.S. Sen., R)
Specter, Arlen (U.S. Sen., R-PA)
Stevens, Ted (U.S. Sen., R-AK)
Thurmond, Strom (U.S. Sen., R-SC)
Wilson (U.S. Sen., R)
Bond (U.S. Sen., R)
Burns (U.S. Sen., R)
Gramm (U.S. Sen., R)
Grassley (U.S. Sen., R)
Helms, Jesse (U.S. Sen., R-NC)
Kasten (U.S. Sen., R)
McClure (U.S. Sen., R)
McConnell, Mitch (U.S. Sen., R-KY)
Symms (U.S. Sen., R)
Wallop (U.S. Sen., R)
Warner (U.S. Sen., R-VA)
Breaux, John (U.S. Sen., D-LA)
Byrd, Robert (U.S. Sen., D-WV)
Ford (U.S. Sen., D)
Fowler (U.S. Sen., D)
Heflin (U.S. Sen., D)
Hollings, Fritz (U.S. Sen., D-SC)
Inouye, Daniel (U.S. Sen., D-AK)
Johnston (U.S. Sen., D)
Sanford (U.S. Sen., D)
Sasser (U.S. Sen., D)
Greenberg, D.
Department of Transportation
Committee on Appropriations
American Medical Association
National Cancer Institute
Environmental Protection Agency
Surgeon General
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