Tobacco Excise Tax Increase Among Health Groups Recommendations To Clinton/Congress


Press release from Coalition on Smoking OR Health announcing three recommendations to Congress and President-elect Clinton. Urges Congress and Clinton to increase the tobacco excise tax, pass legislation granting authority to the FDA to fully regulate tobacco products, and to pass comprehensive clean indoor air legislation, including a ban on workplace smoking. Provides experts’ comments on health... read more

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Community Health Program Records
Clinton, William J. (President-elect)
Davis, Alan (Chairman, Coalition and VP Public Issues, ACS)
Cady, Blake (Chief of Surgical Oncology, New England Deaconess Hospital
Woosley, Raymond L. (Chairman of Pharmacology, Georgetown University)
Munzer, Alfred, Washington Adventist Hospital
Marx-J, AHA
Maple-D, ALA
Allen-C, ACS
US Congress
American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
American Lung Association
Coalition On Smoking OR Health
Food And Drug Administration
Federal Trade Commission
RJ Reynolds
Philip Morris
Marlboro Adventure Team
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