The American Tobacco Company Agency Action Memo, Approval Recommendation - Massachusetts Tax Buster


Marginalia; Handwritten; Delivery slip listing employees of the American Tobacco Company with handwritten checkmarks next to some. Mentions the inclusion of an approval for the implementation of a program directed at commercial outlets most impacted by the cigarette tax increase in Massachusetts.

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Community Health Program Records
Gesell, ATCO
Johnston, ATCO
Noone, ATCO
Degenhardt, ATCO
Holek, ATCO
Maresca, ATCO
Smith, ATCO
Ockers, ATCO
Vyse, ATCO
Touger, ATCO
Jarrett, ATCO
Gupton, ATCO
Puleo, ATCO
Ferry, ATCO
Albert, ATCO
Murray, ATCO
Platt, ATCO
Sturdivant, ATCO
McKenna, ATCO
Corrente-T, ATCO
Spight, ATCO
Hammond, ATCO
Hirst, ATCO
Yensen, ATCO
Druehl, ATCO
Powers, ATCO
Dougherty, ATCO
Blanks, ATCO
Whiting, ATCO
Russell, ATCO
Nicosia, ATCO
Pierce, ATCO
Voelker, ATCO
Sprinkle, ATCO
Jones, ATCO
Gammons, ATCO
Kriz, ATCO
Newmark, ATCO
Pape, ATCO
Ferrell, ATCO
Radazzo-D, ATCO
American Tobacco Company
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