Rapid selection of cyclic peptides that reduce α-synuclein toxicity in yeast and animal models.

Kritzer, Joshua A.
Hamamichi, Shusei.
McCaffery, J. Michael.
Santagata, Sandro.
Naumann, Todd A.
Caldwell, Kim A.
Caldwell, Guy A.
Lindquist, Susan.

Phage display has demonstrated the utility of cyclic peptides as general protein ligands but cannot access proteins inside eukaryotic cells. Expanding a new chemical genetics tool, we describe the first expressed library of head-to-tail cyclic peptides in yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) We applied the library to selections in a yeast model of α-synuclein toxicity that recapitulates much of the ce... read more

Tufts University. Department of Chemistry.
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Kritzer, J. A.; Hamamichi, S.; McCaffery, J. M.; Santagata, S.; Naumann, T. A.; Caldwell, K. A.; Caldwell, G. A.; Lindquist, S. Rapid Selection of Cyclic Peptides That Reduce Α-Synuclein Toxicity in Yeast and Animal Models. Nature Chemical Biology 2009, 5 (9), 655-663 DOI: 10.1038/nchembio.193.
ID: tufts:23298
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