The development of behavior problems among disabled and non-disabled children in England.

Fauth, Rebecca.
Platt, Lucinda.
Parsons, Samantha.

This study identifies the incidence and development of disabled children's problem behaviors (i.e., conduct, peer, hyperactivity, and emotional problems) during the early years. Using the Millennium Cohort Study, a nationally representative UK study, and a measure of disability anchored in the UK legal definition, we estimate growth curve models tracking behavior problems from ages 3 to 7. We exam... read more

Children with disabilities.
Child development.
Tufts University. Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development.
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Fauth, Rebecca C., Lucinda Platt, and Samantha Parsons. "The Development of Behavior Problems Among Disabled and Non-Disabled Children in England." Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 52 (September 2017): 46-58. doi:10.1016/j.appdev.2017.06.008.
ID: tufts:22479
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