Do claimants over-report behavioral health dysfunction when filing for work disability benefits?.

Marfeo, Elizabeth E.
Eisen, Susan V.
Ni, Pengsheng.
Rasch, Elizabeth K.
Rogers E. Sally.
Jette, Alan M.

BACKGROUND: Questions exist related to the best way to use medical evidence relative to self-report as part of the SSA disability determination process. OBJECTIVE: To examine concordance between provider and claimant responses along the four dimensions of work related behavioral health functioning: Social Interactions, Mood and Emotions, Behavioral Control, and Self-Efficacy. METHODS: Using second... read more

Disability evaluation.
Tufts University. Occupational Therapy Department.
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Marfeo, Elizabeth E., Sue Eisen, Pengsheng Ni, Elizabeth K. Rasch, E. Sally Rogers, and Alan Jette. "Do Claimants over-Report Behavioral Health Dysfunction When Filing for Work Disability Benefits?" Work 51, no. 2 (June 5, 2015): 187-194. doi:10.3233/wor-141847.
ID: tufts:22374
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