On the counting function for the generalized Niven numbers.

Lemke Oliver, Robert J.
Daileda, Ryan.
Jou, Jessica.
Rossolimo, Elizabeth.
Treviño, Enrique.

Given an integer base q ≥ 2 and a completely q-additive arithmetic function f taking integer values, we deduce an asymptotic expression for the counting function Nf (x) = # {0 ≤ n < x | f(n)|n} under a mild restriction on the values of f. When f = sq, the base q sum of digits function, the integers counted by Nf are the so-called base q Niven numbers, and our result provides a generalization of th... read more

Number theory.
Tufts University. Department of Mathematics.
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Daileda, Ryan, Jessica Jou, Robert Lemke-Oliver, Elizabeth Rossolimo, and Enrique Treviño. "On the Counting Function for the Generalized Niven Numbers." Journal de Théorie Des Nombres de Bordeaux 21, no. 3 (2009): 503-515. doi:10.5802/jtnb.685.
ID: tufts:22359
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