Chromatin modifications and DNA repair: beyond double-strand breaks.

Freudenreich, Catherine H.
House, Nealia C.M.
Koch, Melissa R.

DNA repair must take place in the context of chromatin, and chromatin modifications and DNA repair are intimately linked. The study of double-strand break repair has revealed numerous histone modifications that occur after induction of a DSB, and modification of the repair factors themselves can also occur. In some cases the function of the modification is at least partially understood, but in man... read more

Tufts University. Department of Biology.
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House, Nealia C. M., Melissa R. Koch, and Catherine H. Freudenreich. "Chromatin Modifications and DNA Repair: Beyond Double-Strand Breaks." Frontiers in Genetics 5 (September 5, 2014). doi:10.3389/fgene.2014.00296.
ID: tufts:22348
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