CO on Pt(335): Electric field screening on a stepped surface.

Tobin, Roger G.
Hong, Wang.
DiMaggio, Craig L.
Fisher, Galen B.
Lambert, David K.

We compare CO's response to electric fields at edge and terrace sites on the stepped Pt(335) surface. The comparison is made at zero frequency and at the frequency of the C-O stretch vibration. Atop‐bonded CO is observed with reflection-absorption ir spectroscopy (RAIRS), electroreflectance vibrational spectroscopy (EVS), and high‐resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (HREELS) Coadsorbed H ... read more

Electric fields.
Tufts University. Department of Physics and Astronomy.
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"CO on Pt(335): Electric field screening on a stepped surface," Hong Wang, R.G. Tobin, David K. Lambert, Galen B. Fisher and Craig L. DiMaggio, J. Chem. Phys. 103, 2711 (1995).
ID: tufts:22332
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