Diagnostic performance of the urinary canine calgranulins in dogs with lower urinary or urogenital tract carcinoma.

Heilmann, Romy M.
McNiel, Elizabeth A.
Grützner, Niels.
Lanerie, David J.
Suchodolski, Jan S.
Steiner, Jörg M.

Background: Onset of canine transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) and prostatic carcinoma (PCA) is usually insidious with dogs presenting at an advanced stage of the disease. A biomarker that can facilitate early detection of TCC/PCA and improve patient survival would be useful. S100A8/A9 (calgranulin A/B or calprotectin) and S100A12 (calgranulin C) are expressed by cells of the innate immune system a... read more

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