Visualizing the Allocation and Death of Objects.

Guyer, Samuel Z.
Veroy, Raoul L.
Ricci, Nathan P.

We present memory allocation and death plots, a visualization technique for showing both which method an object is allocated in a Java program, and in which method that object eventually dies. This relates the place in a program's execution where memory is first used to the place it is no longer used, thus helping the programmer to better understand the memory behavior of a program.

Java (Computer program language)
Tufts University. Department of Computer Science.
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Veroy, Raoul L., Nathan P. Ricci, and Samuel Z. Guyer. "Visualizing the Allocation and Death of Objects." 2013 First IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization (VISSOFT) (September 2013). doi:10.1109/vissoft.2013.6650538. © 2013 IEEE.
ID: tufts:20176
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