Automated biochemical, morphological, and organizational assessment of precancerous changes from endogenous Two-Photon fluorescence images.

Levitt, Jonathan M.
McLaughlin-Drubin, Margaret E.
Münger, Karl.
Georgakoudi, Irene.

Background: Multi-photon fluorescence microscopy techniques allow for non-invasive interrogation of live samples in their native environment. These methods are particularly appealing for identifying pre-cancers because they are sensitive to the early changes that occur on the microscopic scale and can provide additional information not available using conventional screening techniques. Methodology... read more

Fluorescence microscopy.
Precancerous conditions.
Tufts University. Department of Biomedical Engineering.
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Levitt JM, McLaughlin-Drubin ME, Münger K, Georgakoudi I (2011) Automated Biochemical, Morphological, and Organizational Assessment of Precancerous Changes from Endogenous Two-Photon Fluorescence Images. PLoS ONE 6(9): e24765. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0024765.
ID: tufts:18921
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