Epigenetic changes induced by adenosine augmentation therapy prevent epileptogenesis.

Kaplan, David, 1953-
Williams-Karnesky, Rebecca L.
Sandau, Ursula S.
Lusardi, Theresa A.
Lytle, Nikki K.
Farrell, Joseph M.
Pritchard, Eleanor M.
Boison, Detlev.

Epigenetic modifications, including changes in DNA methylation, lead to altered gene expression and thus may underlie epileptogenesis via induction of permanent changes in neuronal excitability. Therapies that could inhibit or reverse these changes may be highly effective in halting disease progression. Here we identify an epigenetic function of the brain's endogenous anticonvulsant adenosine, sho... read more

Tufts University. Department of Biomedical Engineering.
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Williams-Karnesky, R. L., U. S. Sandau, T. A. Lusardi, N. K. Lytle, J. M. Farrell, E. M. Pritchard, D. L. Kaplan and D. Boison (2013). "Epigenetic changes induced by adenosine augmentation therapy prevent epileptogenesis." Journal of Clinical Investigation 123(8): 3552-3563. doi: 10.1172/JCI65636.
ID: tufts:17816
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