Neuroimaging predictors of treatment response in anxiety disorders.

Shin, Lisa M.
Davis, F Caroline.
VanElzakker, Michael B.
Dahlgren, Mary K.
Dubois, Stacey J.

Abstract: Although several psychological and pharmacological treatment options are available for anxiety disorders, not all patients respond well to each option. Furthermore, given the relatively long duration of adequate treatment trials, finding a good treatment fit can take many months or longer. Thus, both clinicians and patients woul... read more

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Shin, Lisa, F. Caroline Davis, Michael B. VanElzakker, Mary K. Dahlgren, and Stacey J. Dubois. "Neuroimaging predictors of treatment response in anxiety disorders." Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders 3, no. 1 (12, 2013): 1-11.
ID: tufts:17590
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