Divergence of transcriptional landscape occurs early in B cell activation.

Fowler, Trent.
Garruss, Alexander S.
Ghosh, Amalendu.
De, Supriyo.
Becker, Kevin G.
Wood, William H.
Weirauch, Matthew T.
Smale, Stephen T.
Aronow, Bruce.
Sen, Ranjan.
Roy, Ananda L.

Background: Signaling via B cell receptor (BCR) and Toll-like receptors (TLRs) results in activation of B cells with distinct physiological outcomes, but transcriptional regulatory mechanisms that drive activation and distinguish these pathways remain unknown.

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Fowler, Trent, Alexander S. Garruss, Amalendu Ghosh, Supriyo De, Kevin G. Becker, William H. Wood, Matthew T. Weirauch, Stephen T. Smale, Bruce Aronow, Ranjan Sen, and Ananda L. Roy. "Divergence of transcriptional landscape occurs early in B cell activation." Epigenetics & Chromatin 8, no. 1 (12, 2015): 1-14.
ID: tufts:17567
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