Development of dendrite polarity in Drosophila neurons.

Hill, Sarah E.
Parmar, Manpreet.
Gheres, Kyle W.
Guignet, Michelle A.
Huang, Yanmei.
Jackson, F Rob.
Rolls, Melissa M.

Background: Drosophila neurons have dendrites that contain minus-end-out microtubules. This microtubule arrangement is different from that of cultured mammalian neurons, which have mixed polarity microtubules in dendrites.

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Hill, Sarah, Manpreet Parmar, Kyle W. Gheres, Michelle A. Guignet, Yanmei Huang, F. Rob Jackson, and Melissa M. Rolls. "Development of dendrite polarity in Drosophila neurons." Neural Development 7, no. 1 (12, 2012): 1-13.
ID: tufts:17566
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