CardioGxE, a catalog of gene-environment interactions for cardiometabolic traits.

Parnell, Laurence D.
Blokker, Britt A.
Dashti, Hassan S.
Nesbeth, Paula-Dene.
Cooper, Brittany Elle.
Ma, Yiyi.
Lee, Yu-Chi.
Hou, Ruixue.
Lai, Chao-Qiang.
Richardson, Kris.
Ordovás, José M.

Background: Genetic understanding of complex traits has developed immensely over the past decade but remains hampered by incomplete descriptions of contribution to phenotypic variance. Gene-environment (GxE) interactions are one of these contributors and in the guise of diet and physical activity are important modulators of cardiometaboli... read more

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Parnell, Laurence, Britt A. Blokker, Hassan S. Dashti, Paula-Dene Nesbeth, Brittany Elle Cooper, Yiyi Ma, Yu-Chi Lee, Ruixue Hou, Chao-Qiang Lai, Kris Richardson, and José M. Ordovás. "CardioGxE, a catalog of gene-environment interactions for cardiometabolic traits." BioData Mining 7, no. 1 (12, 2014): 1-20.
ID: tufts:17543
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