Metabolic Flux-Based Modularity using Shortest Retroactive distances.

Sridharan, GauthamVivek.
Yi, Michael.
Hassoun, Soha.
Lee, Kyongbum.

Background: Graph-based modularity analysis has emerged as an important tool to study the functional organization of biological networks. However, few methods are available to study state-dependent changes in network modularity using biological activity data. We develop a weighting scheme, based on metabolic flux data, to adjust the inter... read more

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Sridharan, GauthamVivek, Michael Yi, Soha Hassoun, and Kyongbum Lee. "Metabolic Flux-Based Modularity using Shortest Retroactive distances." BMC Systems Biology 6, no. 1 (12, 2012): 1-14.
ID: tufts:17439
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