Phosphodiesterase 4-targeted treatments for autoimmune diseases.

Kumar, Neal.
Goldminz, Ari M.
Kim, Noori.
Gottlieb, Alice B.

Abstract: Advancements in phosphodiesterase (PDE)-targeted therapies have shown promise in recent years for treating patients with a variety of autoimmune diseases. This review summarizes the development of PDE4 inhibitors and the associated literature with a focus on treatments for autoimmune diseases. After the initial investigations of... read more

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Kumar, Neal, Ari M. Goldminz, Noori Kim, and Alice B. Gottlieb. "Phosphodiesterase 4-targeted treatments for autoimmune diseases." BMC Medicine 11, no. 1 (12, 2013): 1-8.
ID: tufts:17432
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