Genotyping 1000 yeast strains by next-generation sequencing.

Wilkening, Stefan.
Tekkedil, Manu M.
Lin, Gen.
Fritsch, Emilie S.
Wei, Wu.
Gagneur, Julien.
Lazinski, David W.
Camilli, Andrew.
Steinmetz, Lars M.

Background: The throughput of next-generation sequencing machines has increased dramatically over the last few years; yet the cost and time for library preparation have not changed proportionally, thus representing the main bottleneck for sequencing large numbers of samples. Here we present an economical, high-throughput library preparati... read more

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Wilkening, Stefan, Manu M. Tekkedil, Gen Lin, Emilie S. Fritsch, Wu Wei, Julien Gagneur, David W. Lazinski, Andrew Camilli, and Lars M. Steinmetz. "Genotyping 1000 yeast strains by next-generation sequencing." BMC Genomics 14, no. 1 (12, 2013): 1-10.
ID: tufts:17342
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