DFLAT: functional annotation for human development.

Wick, Heather C.
Drabkin, Harold.
Ngu, Huy.
Sackman, Michael.
Fournier, Craig.
Haggett, Jessica.
Blake, Judith A.
Bianchi, Diana W.
Slonim, Donna K.

Background: Recent increases in genomic studies of the developing human fetus and neonate have led to a need for widespread characterization of the functional roles of genes at different developmental stages. The Gene Ontology (GO), a valuable and widely-used resource for characterizing gene function, offers perhaps the most suitable func... read more

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Wick, Heather, Harold Drabkin, Huy Ngu, Michael Sackman, Craig Fournier, Jessica Haggett, Judith A. Blake, Diana W. Bianchi, and Donna K. Slonim. "DFLAT: functional annotation for human development." BMC Bioinformatics 15, no. 1 (12, 2014): 1-10.
ID: tufts:17309
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