Understanding stress in the healthy animal -potential paths for progress.

Romero, L. Michael.
Platts, Steven H.
Schoech, Stephan J.
Wada, Haruka.
Crespi, Erica.
Martin, Lynn B.
Buck, Charles Loren.

Although stress is usually associated with disease, the physiological and behavioral responses to stressors are critical mechanisms of resilience for healthy organisms. A recent workshop comprised of researchers who study healthy humans and both free-living and captive non-human animals identified a number of key roadblocks that are impeding progress in understanding how stress responses integrate... read more

Stress (Physiology)
Animal behavior.
Tufts University. Department of Biology.
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L. Michael Romero, Steven H. Platts, Stephan J. Schoech, Haruka Wada, Erica Crespi, Lynn B. Martin & C. Loren Buck (2015) Understanding stress in the healthy animal- potential paths for progress, Stress, 18:5, 491-497, DOI: 10.3109/10253890.2015.1073255.
ID: tufts:17172
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