Foreign Policy in the Electoral and Governing Coalitions of Barack Obama.

Eichenberg, Richard C., 1952-

The outcome of the presidential election of 2008 can be characterized by two contradictory assertions. The first is that Senator Barack Obama would not have won the presidency had he not opposed the Iraq War. The second is that the outcome of the voting on November 5, 2008 was largely unaffected by voters' opinions of the war. Of course, the statements are only apparently contradictory, and the re... read more

Presidents--United States--Election--2008--Public opinion.
Iraq War, 2003-2011--Public opinion.
Public opinion--United States.
Obama, Barack--Political and social views--Public opinion.
Tufts University. Department of Political Science.
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Eichenberg, Richard C. "Foreign Policy in the Electoral and Governing Coalitions of Barack Obama." Paper presented at the Shambaugh Conference on Understanding the 2008 Presidential Election, Department of Political Science, University of Iowa, March 5-7, 2009.
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