Examining Young Students' Problem Scoping in Engineering Design.

Watkins, Jessica.
Spencer, Kathleen.
Hammer, David (David M.)

Problem scoping—determining the nature and boundaries of a problem—is an essential aspect of the engineering design process. Some studies from engineering education suggest that beginning students tend to skip problem scoping or oversimplify a problem. However, the ways these studies often characterize students' problem scoping often do not reflect the complexity found in experts' designing and re... read more

Engineering design--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Case studies.
Problem solving in children--Case studies.
Tufts University. Department of Physics and Astronomy.
Tufts University. Department of Education.
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Watkins, Jessica, Kathleen Spencer & David Hammer. "Examining Young Students' Problem Scoping in Engineering Design." Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research 4:1 (2014). http://dx.doi.org/10.7771/2157-9288.1082.
ID: tufts:16618
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