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1 Reconciling Influence and Agency: Renewal and Adaptation in Two Colonial Encounters in British India. Lizotte, Hayden A.
2 Daniel C. Dennett Responds to Richard Sosi's review of Breaking the Spell Dennett, Daniel C.
3 Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Religious Studies Scholars at Tufts. Strauber, Chris.
4 Off Come The Gloves: Review of The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins Dennett, Daniel C.
5 To Tell the Truth? Dennett, Daniel C.
6 A Meal with Mithras: Examining the Role of the Sacred Repast Within the Roman Cult of Mithraism. Graham, Anna F.
7 The scriptural history of the earth and of mankind : compared with the cosmogonies, chronologies, and original traditions of ancient nations ; an Abstract and Review of Several Modern Systems ; with An Attempt to Explain Philosophically, the Mosaical Account of the Creation and Deluge, And to deduce from this last Event The Causes of the Actual Structure of the Earth in a Series of Letters. With Notes and Illustrations. By Philip Howard, Esq. Howard, Philip, -1810.
8 Deconstructing Shinto Johnson, Stephen M.
9 Disquisitions relating to matter and spirit. To which is added, the history of the philosophical doctrine concerning the origin of the soul, and the nature of matter; with its influence on Christianity, especially with respect to the doctrine of the pre-existence of Christ. By Joseph Priestley. Priestley, Joseph, 1733-1804.
10 Beyond the Word: A Study on the Effects of the Protestant Reformation on Church Architecture in Ireland and Scotland. Rhine, Amanda P.
11 Can We Account For Human Error in Supreme Court Decision-Making? The Behavioral Law and Economics View of the Court's Decision-Making in First Amendment Religion Clause Cases Celletti-Nissenbaum, Nicholas J.
12 Contesting the Faith: Late 20th Century American Evangelicalism in Black and White. Dorfman, Hannah J.
13 More than a Strange Contradiction: Dharma, Colonialism and Agency in Bankimcandra Chatterji's Later Work Lizotte, Hayden A.
14 Notes to Philosophy 167: Class 5 -- Other Developments in Astronomy from 1609 to 1642 -- Part 10 - Part 11. Smith, George E. (George Edwin), 1938-
15 Slides to Philosophy 167: Class 5 -- Other Developments in Astronomy from 1609 to 1642 -- Part 10. Smith, George E. (George Edwin), 1938-